a small update and other adjustments

I’ve finally updated my documentaries page. I’m loving the shit out of the new Childish Gambino album. My energy level sucks, but my sleep patterns have recently improved. My caffeinated soda consumption dramatically decreased after I got a SodaStream for Christmas, but now I’m drinking more vodka. I meditate (to some degree) every day. There is one dead and one that might as well be; lately I’ve been thinking about my losses more than I should.

New Year, New Layout

(I thought I’d try out a cleaner blog template, so here it is.)

For 2014, I have no resolutions or wishes for a better year, because these things never come to fruition. Last year was about loss, then hibernation for me. What’s in store for me in the year to come? I’m not going to wonder or worry about it; I will just keep on keepin’ on because at this point in my life, that’s really all I can do.

A few things I started and didn’t finish

I’m not quite sure what happened, but my cat is finally covering her mess with litter. Did she figure out my toilet-training plan? Because of these recent developments, I’ve abandoned the training. Problem solved!

Now, I’m trying to get myself to finish reading one of the books I’ve started. I’ve been spending too much time watching paranormal TV shows. My sinuses have been bothering me and all I want to do is sleep. Blah!

Oh Kitty, I have a new place for you to go…

I’ve decided to toilet train my cat. Or, I should say, I’m going to try to toilet train her. (Not exciting news, I know, but I figure I’m more likely to follow through with it if I write a blog post about it.)

I’ve gone back and forth on the idea for awhile now. I’ve wondered, how much of a hassle is involved? Will my cat go for it? Is a litter box better for my cat? But it comes down to this: I’m sick of having kitty litter scattered all over my bathroom floor and I’m tired of my condo smelling like cat shit because Miss Hanna Boo Boo Kitty won’t cover up her toxic turds. Training her to go in the toilet is definitely worth a try.

First, I need to slowly raise her litter box so that she’s used to jumping up to do her nasty business. Next week I’ll order a toilet training kit for Phase II. Because I don’t want her to struggle with balancing on the seat, I’m also getting a little kid potty seat so she can have more space.

Yes, this is going to be a bit inconvenient for both myself and my cat. According to my research, the whole process should take about three weeks. That’s okay, though. If I’m successful, it will all be worth it. If she eventually takes a dump in water instead of litter, you can’t even imagine how fucking thrilled I will be.

Sitting Alone Under A Tree

Here’s a picture taken underneath the Japanese Blood Maple tree in my back patio area. During the six weeks of Oregon summer, I try to enjoy this tree as much as I can. This year, I added a little solar-powered water fountain under it. I like to sit in a canvas folding chair right next to the fountain, which drowns out the sound of the freeway somewhat, but not totally. Sometimes I read a book out there, but most of the time I enjoy the blue sky and red leaves while I remind myself this will not last for long.