End of Summer, Divine

Infinite Summer ended early for me this year. I haven’t read much lately, aside from the first 400 pages of IJ and an electronic copy of Ask Dr. Mueller I found on OpenLibrary. I’ve been on a little bit of a John Waters kick. Female Trouble is a movie I need to remember to watch […]

Say My Name, Siri! SAY MY NAME!

It took some alternative spelling, but I finally got Siri to say my name right: Your browser does not support this audio format. (http://nevafeva.com/audio/say_my_name_siri.wav)

Books and Television: Drug Addiction, Families, and Tennis

I haven’t been watching too much TV this summer, mainly because the few shows I do watch are on hiatus. However, Season 5 of Breaking Bad started up a few weeks ago. Best show on television right now, in my humble opinion. It’s definitely in my top five all-time favorite TV shows. Are you watching? […]